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Sensory Deprivation Tanks: An Amazing Spiritual Experience

Water is a constantly present element when it comes to spiritual energy. Those whose birthdate is connected with water signs are often the most psychically connected individuals. Water is a symbol that means cleansing; it is a way to refresh your body as well as your soul.

Since water is such an important element in the spiritual world, I began visiting flotation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks to see if the presence of water could deepen my connection to the spirit world. My experience in the tank gave me a remarkable spiritual experience, the type of experience that everyone should experience.

What is a Deprivation Tank?

A deprivation tank is a small space that is filled with about ten inches of very dense water. The water has a high salt content that makes it easy for your body to float, even for those who are not able to swim. The level of salt makes it feel like you body is really heavy, so even if you happen to fall asleep in this relaxed state, you will not be able to roll over and drown in the water.

When you enter this type of tank, you will be in the dark as well. The reasoning behind this is that the less senses that you are experiencing in the tank, a spiritual state of deep relaxation is easier to reach. You will not be able to hear what is going on outside of the tank, so you are left alone with your thoughts.

Creating an Intense Spiritual Experience

The more you use your physical senses in your life, the more your intuitive senses tend to be suppressed. In order to bring these senses back from this suppressed state, you need to limit the use of your physical senses.

Spending time in a deprivation tank allows you to give your spiritual side time and space to connect to the spirit world. These types of tanks are designed to limit your physical senses and help you bring your spiritual senses back to the forefront of your perception.

How do you reach this state? Well, here are a few suggestions that help me.

  • When you enter the tank, make sure that you are not focusing on experiencing something spiritual because that means that your mind will not be free to be spiritually enlightened. The best thing to do is simply listen to your heartbeat and your breathing because they are constant patterns that will calm you. Being in a calmed state is the best way to obtain a spiritual experience.
  • Many of the spa locations that offer deprivation tanks sessions give you a small light to make it so that you are not scared in the enclosed, dark tank. This light may be useful to help calm your soul when you first enter the tank, but attempt to relax quickly so that you can turn off the light as quickly as possible. Being in the dark is going to suppress your sense of sight, and the more of your physical senses that are not being used in the tank, the higher your chances of a spiritually enlightening experience.
  • Make sure that your mind is open. If your mind is bogged down with thought of your day, your plans for the future, or anything else, you are less likely to experience visions, hear spiritual messages, or reach a revelation in the tank. Having an open mind will also help you to see the visions that you experience more clearly, which makes it easier for you interpret the messages that are being sent to you from the other side.

If you are an individual who is typically calmed by being in or around water, then you will be enlightened by a deprivation tank experience. If the scent of saltwater calms you as it does me, then you will easily be able to reach an open, calm state in the tank.

Close your eyes and relax, and you will be in touch with your spiritual side soon. I love listening to classical music before entering the tank to help my mind enter an open, calm state before I enter the tank. If a spiritual connection does not occur, this experience is still an extremely relaxing period of time that allows you to think without interruption.

Go experience it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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