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Sacred Stones and How To Use Them

Since time immemorial crystals have been revered as tangible proof of the earth's natural, powerful energies. Civilizations from around the world have long valued precious gems, crystals, and mineral stones for their healing and protective properties, as well as physical beauty.

Today many reiki and shamanic practitioners recommend the use of specific stones to keep the harmony in one's environment, ward of negative energy, and realign and invigorate the chakras.

While there are a multitude of stones to research and choose from, here are ten of the most popular stones to implement into your home and wellness regimen. All are easy to obtain, and sure to bring a noticeable improvement to your personal space and inner harmony.

1. Rose Quartz

Arguably one of the prettiest stones, the romantic rose quartz brings an abundance of loving energy to all aspects of one's life. Activating the heart chakra, rose quartz not only welcomes in love in, but helps to boost confidence and soothe any feelings of anger or aggression. Many prefer to keep a sizable piece of rose quartz by their bed to harmonize the balance within a relationship, and will additionally carry a smaller piece with them to ensure only positive encounters and interactions.

2. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a potent tool for warding off negative energies from the outside world, as well as fears and insecurities manifested from within. Keeping a chunk of black tourmaline in your work space and household will not only absorb any toxic influences, but eliminate anxiety and depression. Holding a piece in your hand is also a great “quick fix” should you feel a panic attack come on or moment of overwhelming stress.

3. Clear Quartz

This crystal stone is held in relation to the seventh chakra, or crown of the head, and used to induce mental clarity, as well as heighten intuition. Often applied as a manifesting stone, clear quartz helps boost the energies of companion stones, and is often placed in the center of a group of surrounding stones to conduct and enhance the positive properties emitted.

4. Selenite

Selenite crystals were named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, and are to this day used in ritual tools and healing implements. Believed to carry mystical properties, selenite assists in connecting us with our higher selves, and encouraging the application of lessons learned from past lives when addressing current situations. Keeping selenite by one's bedside is thought to induce dream clarity, as well as protect the astral self from harm during sleep. Selenite can additionally be implemented as a charging stone, with larger slabs used to display smaller stones and crystals.

5. Amethyst

This lovely purple stone is more than just an eye-catching ornament, but also acts as a purifier for all energies passing through and around you. Tucked in the entrance of the home and/or worn on one's person, amethyst absorbs outside energies and either cleanses or eliminates them in order to provide protection and positive reinforcement. This stone also works well as a natural stress-reliever, ridding the mind of mental clutter and relaxing the chakras. Keep a piece of calming amethyst by the bathtub, on a bedside table, or wherever you seek solace after a long day.

6. Citrine

Associated with the third chakra (the center of power in the body), citrine aids in manifesting one's most ambitious goals and intentions. Used by many to draw wealth and positive abundance, citrine reinforces the confidence and drive necessary to go after one's desires, making it an ideal stone for the work or creative space.

7. Turquoise

Commonly called the “master healer,” turquoise was believed by both Native Americans and the ancient Chinese to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, allowing for ultimate enlightenment and abundance. Belonging to the throat chakra, turquoise encourages open and honest communication, and is often worn or carried by those in troubled relationships or demanding social roles.

8. Jade

Highly prized and revered by eastern cultures, jade is believed to be among the most powerful charms for overcoming obstacles and attracting good luck. Worn as jewelry or enjoyed as household decor, jade promotes compassion and courage in those who come in contact with it, encouraging generosity and positive manifestations.

9. Agate

One of the oldest stones used for healing and protection, agate stones were carried by ancient warriors into battle, as well as in the medicine bags of healers and spiritual practitioners. Believed to bring victory to whomever wears it, agate stones are ideal for boosting confidence and strengthening one's will to defend against wrongdoing, and can be worn or tucked inside a pocket or handbag for daily protection.

10. Obsidian

Actually a volcanic glass derived from molten lava, obsidian acts as a grounding stone for the root chakra, which controls our most basic–and often negative–emotions. Greed, jealousy, and aggressive flare-ups can all be tempered by keeping a bit of obsidian on your person and in a communal household spaces.

It's advisable to charge your sacred stones at least once a month by placing them in direct sunlight, under the light of a full moon, or buried in the ground for at least several hours. This will cleanse the stones of any lingering energies they've absorbed, and prepare them for future work.

You can additionally pass your stones through the smoke of burning sage or palo santo for a quick but potent pick-me-up.

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