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Do Magic Mirrors Truly Exist?

The tale of Snow White is a childhood favorite for many children, but do you recall how the wicked queen acquired all of her information about Snow White? It was through her magic mirror that was located on a wall within the castle.

Have you ever wondered if this type of power exists outside of the fairy tales? Can a mirror help you see into the future? Well, yes it can, but it is known as a black mirror, not a magic mirror.

It can help you strengthen your clairvoyant abilities, but it can also be used to contact your spiritual guide, as a portal to the astral plane, as a way to gain knowledge, and as a divining of the past, present, and future.

What is a Black Mirror?

A black mirror is a very powerful scrying tool that is used by seers to gaze into the future. When you think of a scrying tool, you often envision a crystal ball, but a black mirror has been used to see psychic visions for thousands of years. All that is required is a type of reflective surface that has been enchanted or anointed to help you see visions of the future.

It is not as popular today as it has been in the past, and it is not often taught to others. Unfortunately, tarot readings and astrology have replaced this art.

How to Construct a Black Mirror

The mirror needs to be anointed during the construction to attune it with the spirits. The back should be painted with herbs and oils that are deemed to be sacred. Other symbolic ingredients are added as well to charge the mirror. It must be completely covered until you are ready to use it. The mirror must never see daylight.

This process takes a period of time to complete because it needs to be created in the dark, when the moon is hidden from sight, and then anointed at the height of the full moon. The full moon charges the mirror, giving it the power to help you see visions in its reflection.

Light Sources

This scrying tool works by using a dim light source. It can be by the light of a candle, by moonlight, or by the light of a fire. All other lights should be turned off when you are working with the mirror. Here is how to perform the scrying with each method:

  • By Candlelight: Prop your mirror up or lie it down, and then place a few candles around it. Make sure that the glow from the flame on the candle reaches to the reflective portion of the mirror. It needs to be a faint glow that you see when you gaze into the mirror because a radiating reflective light will distract you and prevent you from seeing visions.
  • By Firelight: Fire is known as a type of light that has a dim, mystical glow, so it is perfect for reflecting off of your black mirror. Again, make sure that the light is not too close to the mirror because you do need to see the dim glow to see visions.
  • By Moonlight: When you are looking for spiritual messages with the help of the moon, make sure that the moonlight is positioned behind you so that the light is shining over your shoulder into the mirror.

Personal Experience

As children, many young girls attempted to perform the “Bloody Mary” ritual in the bathroom at school. It was a simple child’s game where you lit a candle or used a dim light in the bathroom. You turned the lights off and chanted “Bloody Mary” three times to make her spirit appear in the mirror.

When she appeared, it was said that she would grab a child in the room and drag them back into the mirror with her. When my friends suggested that we attempt this ritual, I did not expect to see anything but a parlor trick, but when the words were uttered, something quite real showed its face in the mirror.

We were never in any real harm, but there was a spiritual connection that I felt with the image in the mirror. I felt these psychic connections throughout my childhood, but as an adult, using a black mirror has really helped me to open my third eye and see the spiritual world more clearly.

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