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How to Deal with a Psychic Attack

Dealing With a Psychic Attack

The universe is full of both positive and negative energy. Most of the time the energy around our bodies is positive, but negative energy can also be found around our beings. We are designed to be able to defend against negative spirits, but at times the source of the negativity can be too difficult to defend against. This is called a psychic attack, and experiencing such an attack can be an extremely traumatic experience.

There are two types of psychic attacks that you can experience. The first occurs when negative energy that is in your environment makes its way into your aura. This type of negative energy can attach to your person if you come in contact with an individual or it can attach to you when you enter a room that has lingering negative energy from a dark act that occurred there.

The second type is often an unintentional attack that is caused by individuals. You can be the target of another individual, but being targeted is not a likely scenario for many people.

How Do You Know When You are Under Attack?

When your body is under attack from negative energy, your body will feel physically ill. You may experience an intense headache, backache, or other pains. You may experience symptoms that indicate that you have a cold, or the flu. Your aura becomes weakened just like your immune system, and the results are very similar.

If you are the victim of a personal psychic attack, you will often have strong emotions that make you feel excessively sad or angry about everything. This type of attack feels like you are being emotionally abused, making you feel unworthy and weak. If the attack is intentional, your life will be deeply affected by feelings of deep hatred and powerlessness to take control of your life as it spins out of control. You can experience illness, family issues, and financial issues.

Guarding Against Psychic Attacks

There are several ways to cope with these types of attacks. An extremely effective way is to raise your own defenses. If you raise your vibrations, then you will be able to resist most of the negative energy that crosses your path. Making an effort to raise the positive energy around you can balance out the negative energy and restore balance to your life.

If the negative energy comes from a specific individual, then it is best to avoid being close to the individual who has the negative aura. An energy healer of a psychic who specializes in auras and healing abilities can also help you recover from a psychic attack.

If you are unaware of where the negative energy is stemming from, you may wish to try and find the source. Think about new items that you have recently brought into your home. Did the feelings of being attacked begin when they appeared? If so, start identifying the source by removing the new items one by one. If the feelings subside, you most likely have found the source. Don’t forget that the negative energy could stem form an individual who recently visited your home as well.

If you are having issues shaking the psychic attack that is affecting you, ask your spirit guide or your guardian angel for help. They are positive entities that provide a safeguard in your life, and they want to help you in any way that they can, but you need to ask or give specific permission for them to become directly involved in your life.

Crystals like amethyst and obsidian are great at warding away evil spirits. They will help you fight off the psychic attack and help you find inner peace and a sense of calm in your life. You can wear these gems around your neck so that they are close to your heart, but they can also be placed in locations around your home such as under your pillow or on an end table.

The best way to keep psychic attacks at bay is to prevent negative auras from overtaking your aura. Regularly cleanse your aura by meditating and strengthening your resolve. They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and negative energy typically likes to hide within the clutter and chaos of an unclean environment. Candles and incense can also help cleanse your environment.

If you feel that you are the focus of a psychic attack, then make an effort to guard yourself by using the suggestions above to bring balance to your life.

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