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How Old Is Your Soul?

Our bodies have a physical age that is used to mark how long we have been on this planet, but what about our past lives? When we reincarnate, our spirit becomes another, but the life lessons and the experiences that we had in our past lives come with us into the next.

That means that if you have been reincarnated, your soul can be much older than your physical body.

How do you know the age of your soul? Well, let’s start by identifying the different stages that a soul goes through when it evolves.

Infant Soul

Infant souls are experiencing their first lifetime. They are often frightened, feeling like they need to fight for their survival because the world is a scary place to a newborn. An infant soul will typically live a simple life that is on the outskirts of large populations because they have a hidden fear of the unknown. Just like an infant needs guidance in life, an infant soul needs to be led by an experienced soul so that they do not lash out. They often have problems conforming to society, which is why they prefer more untamed environments.

Baby Soul

Baby souls need structure in their lives, but they also want to feel like they belong. They often cling to religion because it adds a purpose to their lives that leads them down a specific path. They feel that all life should be highly structured, and when someone falls out of line, they tend to become upset. Traditional values are also important to an individual with a baby soul.

Young Soul

Young souls are sort of like teenage and young adult souls who are seeking their independence. They tend to be success driven, so they set high goals for themselves in every aspect of their lives. Any soul that is at this stage feels like they are at the peak of their existence. They strive to prosper and get ahead in life, so often times a young soul will feel the need to work a lot to get ahead. They also want to have better than average looks, so covering gray hair and keeping their face from aging may be a priority for young souls.

Mature Soul

Mature souls understand that their life is about empathy and understanding those around you. If you have a mature soul, you most likely focus on your relationships and find ways to improve them at any chance that you get. This sense of relationship makes you feel more connected to those around you; making their problems your own. Mature souls often have dramatic lives that always have something exciting going on. Being emotionally connected to everyone and everything can be taxing, but mature souls gravitate towards this type of conflict.

Old Soul

An old soul realizes that life is not all about them.They often seek spiritual enlightenment and seek more out of life than material items. Typically, an old soul is a laid back individual who is easy going and willing to let others live however they deem necessary. This is the final stage of your soul cycle, so at this point in your reincarnated existence, you should have a well-rounded idea of everything. They are very confident in the way that they are living, and not much can shake their resolve.

Ways to Determine Your Soul Age

Determining the exact stage that your soul is currently experiencing can be difficult. There are tests that you can take online, but they are not always the most accurate way to determine your soul’s age. There are a few determining factors that can help clue you in.

  • Eye Contact – The younger an individual’s soul is, the less eye contact they tend to make. Infants are afraid to make eye contact, while old souls use eye contact as a way to let others in and show compassion.
  • Sophistication – Infant and baby souls tend to act out in the presence of others. Young souls will try to manipulate you until they get the upper hand, and mature souls tend to be a bit overdramatic in social situations, while old souls are often more relaxed.
  • Values – Infant souls simply want to survive. They have no knowledge of the world, so they are their own priority. Baby souls love structure and order, which means they need rules in order to function. Young souls tend to put the value of material things above everything else. Mature souls care deeply about growing and developing their relationships. Old souls enjoy nature, the arts, and simply enjoying life and having fun.

Now that you know about the different stages that a soul goes through over time, how old do you think your soul is?

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