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How To Find Your Spirit Animal

The spirit animal that you identify with is more than a symbol. Shamans believe that spirit animals are guides and protectors during your life's journey.

Finding and relating to your spirit animal provides you with power and insight into your subconscious that can help to guide you on the path that's right for you.

Identifying your spirit animal then understanding how they guide you is essential for finding your path.

How Does Your Spirit Animal Help You?

While you might have animals that you love and admire, that doesn't mean that type of animal is your spirit animal. Your specific power animal isn't just the answer to an interview question about what type of animal you see yourself as. Your spirit animal helps you identify parts of yourself that need to be enhanced or worked on for ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

Why You're Searching for Your Spirit Animal

Your spirit animal can help you nurture or evaluate your current relationships to find new perspectives and enlightenment. It will help you by providing guidance and support when you're going through a trying time in your life too. Your spirit animal guides you through situations that provide strong emotions that can leave you confused and disheartened. You might even feel inspired and powerful through your spirit animal's influence.

Your Spirit Animal Chooses You

When you open yourself to the world around you, your spirit animal reveals itself to you. When you're not open to the experience, your spirit animal could be trying to reach your subconscious which isn't receptive. You have to be open in both your mind and your heart to receive the information. When your mind and body are relaxed is when your spirit animal will be more likely to reveal itself. You can't just switch off your thoughts and instantly have a connection with your spirit animal. It takes time and work.

How to Open Your Heart and Mind

Be Observant Outdoors – You should be taking walks outdoors in nature where you can really commune with the environment. Don't walk with your phone or music. Listen to the wind through the trees. Watch for birds and other animals as they cross your path.

Keep Your Mind and Heart Receptive – When you're outside, take time to really open your heart and mind. Be receptive to all kinds of animals as they appear to you. Once your mind is still, you'll likely see animals you wouldn't normally. This is the time when you'll likely see an animal acting in a way that isn't ordinary.

Repeat Encounters – Don't take one walk and assume that you're done. It could take some time to still your mind and open your heart to encounters. In some cases, you might not see a physical animal but a representation of one. The repetition is what you need to look for on your walks.

The Animal of Your Choice – You might have preconceived ideas of what kind of animal you want as your spirit or power animal. If you see a specific animal repeatedly, don't dismiss it. While it might not be the one you would have chosen, you should be open to the fact that the animal chooses you.

Meditation – To really open yourself to your spirit animal, you should be meditating with that intention. Open your mind and heart to the experience while clearing your thoughts and being still.

Listen to Your Dreams – The wakeful mind can get in the way of being receptive to the spirit animal trying to reach you. This is why people believe that dreams have meaning. It's when our minds are the most receptive. Write down your dreams as you wake, so you can remember as many details as possible.

Journaling the Experience – It can be tough to really allow yourself to welcome a spirit guide into your life. You should be journaling your experience to see how and when spirit animals show up in your life to provide the needed knowledge and support.

The Journey to Your Spirit Animal

Research – While you're opening yourself to the spirit guide, you should be researching the types of animals as well as what they provide. When the animal show itself, you'll be much more informed about its traits and characteristics.

Journeying and Meditation – You'll be able to open yourself to the spirit animal with meditation. Whether you choose a complicated ritual or sitting with your own thoughts with no outside distractions, you can open yourself to the arrival of the spirit more easily. When journeying, you'll be able to see yourself from a spiritual place.

When journeying or meditating, find a space where you will be alone for as long as you need. Find a position that keeps your back straight but where you're comfortable. You don't want anything to distract you from the moment. It can take many sessions of meditation or journeying to be successful, so it's important not to get discouraged or disappointed. Frustration can become a block that won't allow your spirit animal to find you.

Animals in Dreams – When you're seeing an animal in your dreams, it can be hard to figure out what it symbolizes. It might mean that you have deep feelings that haven't been acknowledged, or a situation that feels wild and out of control. The animal could represent a person who has had some serious influence in your life.

Places to Find Your Animal

When you're leaving yourself open to the potential of finding your spirit animal, you can see repeat encounters anywhere from television commercials to book references or visits in a physical form. Don't dismiss random yet repeat encounters with the same type of animal.

Meanings of Your Spirit Animal

When you are searching for your spirit animal, you could be looking for characteristics that embody you and your life. It could represent the abilities you hope to enhance as well as characteristics you want to see in yourself.

Spirit animals can deliver messages regarding current situations or people in your life. For example, your spirit animal might tell you to pursue a relationship you weren't sure about pursuing.

When your spirit animal is revealed to you, it's vital that you make note of everything in the encounter. The color of the animal, its mannerisms, unusual behavior or even the direction of its gaze can provide meaning and guidance, but you have to be open and receptive as well as observant.

It can take some time to find your spirit animal, but if you leave yourself open to the visits, you'll see your spirit animals quite easily. If you do not see the spirit animal, don't become discouraged. Your power animal will appear when you need it the most. Stay open and meditate frequently.

It has the added bonus of creating a relaxed mindset that is receptive and ready for the encounter when it finally happens.

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