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What To Expect Your First Few Years As A Psychic Medium

You’ve lived your life with the ability to communicate with those that have passed on from our earthly realm. You may have had a regular nine to five job and know exactly how to cope with your abilities while leading a productive life, but recently you’ve decided to use your abilities to make some money on the side or even as a primary source of income.

Should You Make Money as a Psychic Medium?

Now that you’ve made this decision, you have a few qualms about using your abilities for profit. As a person who has been exactly where you are, I can definitely tell you that it’s perfectly alright to use your abilities as a medium for personal gain.

Look at it this way, others who have natural or cultivated abilities like athletes, artists, and singers all can use their natural god-given talents to make money, so why is it wrong to use your ability to make contact with the spirit world in the same way?

What's It Going to Take?

I’m not going to sugar coat this; it’s going to take a lot of hard work to make money as a medium in today’s world. There are skeptics, charlatans, and a wide variety of competing psychics out there, especially now that online psychic networks have really taken off.

I started out using my abilities to make a little extra cash on the weekends. This worked out for me, but I soon found that my weekend work was starting to spill into my weekdays. Eventually, I put my nine to five career aside, but that’s when things started to simultaneously take off and also get much more difficult.

I quickly learned that to be successful as a psychic medium in today’s world, you’ll have to perform thousands of readings, stay active on the phone psychic networks that you use, and also write about the overall psychic experience on a personal blog that you’ll also need to promote to your clients.

Make no mistake; you can make a lot of money helping people as a psychic medium, but simply put, it isn’t a cakewalk. One thing I learned fairly early is that there’s going to be on and off periods.

There's Going to Be On and Off Periods

You heard that right, there’s simply going to be times that this won’t seem like it’s worth it. This type of work isn’t like a nine to five, but I think that you’ll find that you’ll get back exactly or more than what you put into it.

When you do encounter a low point, don’t get discouraged. I find that when a low point happens, a high point isn’t far behind. Just save for those off periods, and you’ll be riding high again soon. Also remember, since you are often going to be guided by spirits, you may not always find that every opportunity that they lead you to find is the most profitable. This I think is the greatest pitfall of being a medium, but once again, these are situations that you can prepare for.

Can Your Really Do Well Like This?

Simply put, yes! Many of the mediums out there who have decided to use their abilities to make some cash have never looked back at going to work for someone again. Many times, you’ll find that you’re making more than double what you’d make on a traditional nine to five, and there’s the added bonus that you are helping others find spiritual clarity in their lives.

Let the Spirits Guide You (Within Limits)

As I mentioned, spirits don’t always guide you to the most lucrative situations, and that’s okay. Spirits can be bossy, and they’ve all moved on from earthly needs or wants, so if they are guiding you in a certain direction, go with it.

For the most part, you’ll find that they are leading you to where you need to be at a given moment, and that ignoring them can be detrimental. That said, don’t follow their advice blindly either, though in my experience as a medium, spirits really have your best interests in mind.

Clients Aren't Going to Be Perfect

Those seeking guidance are often in a tough part of their lives. Always be patient and help them through their difficulties, even if they are being unpleasant. Once you’ve given them guidance and they’ve gotten through their difficulties, you’ll find that many will really appreciate your patience.

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