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Can You Predict the Future?

Can You Predict the Future?

Despite many people using psychic service to get a glimpse into their own potential futures, many people still ask, “Can you really predict the future?” Knowing what’s coming is very useful in life. As a matter of fact, the desire to get a hint about upcoming events can even be a survival trait.

Imagine knowing when you’re going to have an accident or when a loved one will become ill. You can even know when your favorite team will win their championships and make a winning bet can make you a millionaire overnight. Wanting a glimpse of the future can definitely seem selfish at first, but there’s also a lot of altruism that can come from a genuine desire to see upcoming events before they happen.

Fortunately, there are several psychic techniques and abilities that can give you the ability to predict the future to varying degrees of effectiveness. These psychic methods of knowing what’s coming can stem from physical objects, natural abilities that utilize your sixth chakra, and can even stem from signs that the universe is providing.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can predict the future:

Precognition – Precognition is one of the most effective ways to get a glimpse of the future. True precognitives have the ability to view snatches or glimpses of the future and are often able to give guidance to people who need to know about upcoming fateful events. A sense of precognition can really be attained when you open and develop your pineal eye or your sixth chakra, but those who are born with the ability of precognition are oftentimes the ones with the strongest versions of this ability.

Intuition – Intuition has been saving people from disaster since the earliest times. As a matter of fact, it’s intuition that even drives our pets to not like certain people. When you are experiencing intuition, you get a feeling about something or someone. This feeling can be negative, like when you simply don’t trust a person that you’ve just met, or when you don’t quite feel safe about a certain risky situation, or it can be positive as well.

When it’s positive, you can feel like you have a streak of luck incoming or you can just have a “good feeling” about someone or something. In any case, intuition is certainly a sign that you are connecting with a larger world. When you use your intuition, you are using your natural spiritual senses to help you pick the best possible future for yourself, by either avoiding potential negative situations or embracing positive ones.

Scrying – We’ve all seen those movies where the evil wizard looks into a bowl of glowing liquid and miraculously they see an image of the protagonist coming to engage in a final battle. This viewing technique is called scrying, and it can be used to predict the future as well as see the present. Scrying uses spiritual items like crystal balls, which are linked to earth magic and draw power from the natural world; pools of water, which use the element of water to provide glimpses into the future; or even magic mirrors, which can predict the future by tapping directly into the spiritual plane.

Divining – Divination is a method that’s been used for millennia and requires the use of objects that some might consider to be mundane. Diviners use items like tarot cards, tea leaves, coffee grounds, or even playing cards to predict what is to come. As a matter of fact, many diviners even use the constellations and stars to predict the future of their clients. This method relies on skill as well as natural spiritual affinity; so if you are seeking out a diviner, seek one that is skilled and experienced.

Wanting to predict the future is as natural a desire as any. We all want more direct control over the directions that our lives tend to take, and with the techniques that we’ve covered here, you really can get a glimpse of what’s to come. Each of these techniques are in your reach, though some take years to truly develop or master, the end result is well worth the effort.

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