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Can Babies See Spirits?

I have a friend who has a young child who seems to be able to see spirits. She is only a toddler, but she says things that make us think that she definitely has a connection with the other side.

She speaks to her grandmother who passed away before she was born, and she has mentioned to me that she thinks that her mom is sad because of her baby dying. No one ever told her this child that her mother had a miscarriage, and when I think back, I remember her staring into the distance when she was a baby.

Many mothers who experience this often ask if babies can see spirits. Well, the answer is yes. Of course, they can.

How is this Possible?

Babies are new to this world. They have recently been created, and since they are still close to the source of their creation, they can tap into the spiritual energies and vibrations that surround them. Infants have not grown to ignore their instinct yet. Innocent children believe things with their hearts, whether they are logical or not, so they are open to spirit guides and angels.

Everything that makes you afraid of spirits, you learned as you grew up. You probably watch horror movies that make spirits into malevolent creatures instead of the loving, guiding forces that they are. When a baby is in the womb, their souls can move freely from the womb to the source of their creation and back, so when they are born, the wall that separates the two worlds is still thin for them so they can easily see and connect with the spirits that visit them.

Why Do Spirits Visit My Child?

There are many reasons that a spirit may be visiting your child. If your child is ill, a spirit may come to their side to provide them with the comfort that they need to recover. A spirit may also simply visit your child to make sure that they are settling into their new life. Our world is new to your child, so they may have questions that we are unable to answer. A spirit guide can help the find the answers that they need and learn to find comfort in their new life.

How do I Know That My Child is Seeing Spirits?

Not every baby will react in the same way when they see a spirit from the other side. They will not seem frightened, but it will seem like their attention is elsewhere. They may stare at a specific area of the room that they are in. They may seem to be giving their full attention to something that you cannot see, and when you call to them, they will often seem to be interested in something else.

You will also know that a baby can see spirits by their vocalizations. If your child seems to be laughing at something, then it is a possibility that they actually are. You may even witness them talking when they are alone.

What Should I Do?

  • Don’t worry. Your baby is not being terrorized by a spirit. They are comfortable with the spirits that they are connecting with. They are laughing and talking after all, not crying out in distress, so you can relax and allow this connection to take place because it will most likely continue whether you find comfort in the interaction or not.
  • If you want to know more about the experience that your baby is having, this is the perfect time to develop your intuition and connect with the spirits as well. A new mother is able to instinctively tell if their babies are in harm’s way because they recently held a new soul inside their bodies.
  • Once you give birth, your intuition is through the roof, so you can easily take advantage of the effect that being pregnant had on your body. If you can share these visitations that your baby is receiving, you will be able to build a deeper bond with them as well.
  • If you are not able to make the same spiritual connection that your child is making, then learn how you can make that connection. Meditate and spend time in the great outdoors so that you can develop your intuition more. As you learn what your child is experiencing, you can teach them to use and develop their intuition. As they grow, show them that they can trust their feelings and share their experiences with you. This will help them develop their gift and fully appreciate it.

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